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You can add mixme to almost anything because it is water AND oil soluble... Make your own CBD infused products!

DRINKS - coffee, latte, juice, smoothie, tea, kombutcha, water, pre/post workout, etc. 

FOOD - baked goods, gummy bears, etc.

TOPICALS - lotion, moisturizer, pain cream, eye serum, face mask, face wash, etc.

DIRECT - apply directly to the skin for targeted inflammation relief. 

OTHER - bath bomb, essential oils, and more... BE CREATIVE!

Optimal dosage will vary depending on your unique body and the level of relief desired. We recommend starting with a 10mg dose and moving up from there if needed. Take as needed. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from the hemp plant and is known for its ability to calm the mind and body, helping you feel more balanced. Our CBD is sent to third party labs to be tested for purity and potency 3 times to ensure you consume a pure, high quality product. CBD is different than THC, the compound in marijuana known to give "a high". MixMe products are 100% THC FREE

Definitely not - a lot of our happiest customers are first time buyers!  When most people take CBD oil, the body doesn't get to absorb and utilize these nutrients which is why you may hear stuff like "I didn't feel anything". 

Our formula is designed to absorb efficiently and provide subtle relief to anyone who needs it. 

MixMe is flavorless in most drinks ranging from coffee to juice and many things in between. In beverages with a lighter flavor profile, there may be a light after-taste that is commonly described as "vanilla-ish" but there will be none of the hemp/plant taste

Our biochemists are fine-tuning our formulation to have a 100% flavorless option before the end of 2020!

Yes, and its completely normal and just as powerful! This is normal oxidation that ONLY effects the appearance in the concentrated form.

It will still be clear in drinks!

Yes, you can give MixMe CBD to your furry little friend too either on a treat or in their water.

We recommend starting with a dosage of just 1mg per 15 lbs and moving up from there until you find a sweet spot!

For most people, 10mg of our formula is enough to provide some level of relief. We understand this is a lot less than the recommended doses of CBD oils but that is because the drastic difference in absorption rates.

The simple answer to this question is no - it will not make you high. CBD is the non psychoactive part of the hemp plant which means it will provide the healing you've been hearing about without making you feel high.

nanoemulsion is an advanced drug delivery mechanism that includes an oil based nutrient, like CBD, being shrunk to a size <100 nanometers and encapsulating it into a water soluble emulsion. Since the oil nutrient will now be smaller and water soluble, it will be able to work more effectively in the body.

In simpler words... the CBD molecule is made more than 1000x times smaller and placed into a water-soluble bubble that is designed to absorb in your body faster and up to 800% more effectively. Learn more on our MM Science page

Our product is made from a pure, natural CBD isolate. We focus on taking extra steps to completely isolate CBD knowing that there is an abundance of high quality published research articles that show the benefits of pure CBD within the human body. Full spectrum CBD contains other elements from the hemp plant, potential allergens, and can have trace amounts of THC. Also, there is not empirical evidence showing that full spectrum actually works which is why we focused on a product based on facts, data, and science! MixMe only delivers the highest quality natural, plant-deprived medicine. 

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