Not all CBD is the same

...especially in terms of absorption.
We use advanced nanotechnology to maximize CBD effectiveness and absorption.

Understanding why its hard to absorb CBD oil...

CBD is one of many cannabinoids found in the hemp plant that has been linked to several benefits. Our body naturally cannabinoids, known as "endo-cannabinoids" while plants, like hemp produce "phyto-cannbinoids". Like all other plant extracts, CBD from hemp is naturally an oil.


The result is poor absorption: 5-15% absorption1, 85-95% waste

The body has millions of tiny receptors that make up the Endocannabinoid System (what absorbs and utilizes CBD). CBD oil molecules are relatively large (~4,440 nanometers) compared to MixMe Nano CBD (10-50 nanometers). This allows for fast, easy cell-wall penetration!

How we use nanotechnology to help!

We combine the power of pure CBD with modern science and proprietary nanotechnology to create the most effective and efficient CBD on the market by creating very strong "nanoemulsions" (see image for reference).What is a nanoemulsion? In modern medicine, it is the most effective way to deliver an oil based nutrient to water-based organisms.

Why does it absorb better?
The quick answer: it is smaller and water soluble so it can easily bind to our receptors and enter body circulation in a faster and more efficient way. Research indicates this makes it up to 800% more effective**.

The "nano" refers to the size - every molecule is hundreds of times smaller so they can easily bind to receptors. Smaller molecules also means more surface area which helps with being faster acting (imagine 100 small ice cubes vs. 1 big ice cube in your drink).

What you see surrounding the CBD is the water soluble "emulsion". It is made with millions of micelles ("my-cells") which are known for having a hydrophobic (loves oil) and hydrophilic (loves water)side. The side that loves oil attaches to the CBD molecule (black tail) which leaves it with a water soluble bubble around each molecule that helps it absorb in drinks and the body.


Potential Absorption

CBD Oil*


Water-soluble CBD Oil


MixMe Nano CBD**


Absorb more, waste less. Feel the difference.

Potential Benefits

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Less Discomfort

Studies show that consuming CBD can provide pain and inflammation relief. This includes muscle pain, spasms, and joint pain as well as relief from general pain and inflammation. 

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Mental Calmness

Research suggests that CBD works with the central nervous system to balance cortisol which may provide relief from anxiety, depression, stress, and boost overall mood. Feel the ZEN!

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Catch some ZZZ's

CBD may help those who have problems falling asleep by helping reach a calmer state of mind which can make it easier to fall and stay asleep.

CBD and the human body

Mother Nature is full of powerful remedies, including CBD. It works with our body through the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is a network of tiny receptors that interact with cannabinoids. The body naturally produces cannabinoids, known as "endocannabinoids" while certain plants, like hemp, produce "phytocannabinoids".

Consuming phytocannabinoids, like CBD, can help the body in many ways because the cannabinoid receptors are spread throughout the body and can be found in the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, gastrointestinal system, and connective tissue.

Since Plant extracts are naturally oils, and the body is primarily water, MixMe uses modern science and technology to enhance the body's ability to absorb these nutrients.

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Brain & Central Nervous System

Our CNS processes and transforms information into action throughout the whole body. The ECS consists of two main receptors: CB1 and CB2. The brain and nervous systems primary consist of CB1 receptors.

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Peripheral Nervous System

Anxiety, depression, and stress can be debilitating. CBD's effect on the brain suggests it can provide fast-acting relief for anxiety as it balances cortisol levels, helping boost overall mood.

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Gastrointestinal System

This system is responsible for the body's intake, digestion, and absorption of food and nutrients. Numerous CB2 receptors can be found here that may play a role in regulating inflammation within our digestive tracts.

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Connective Tissue

This surrounds our muscles, bones, nerves, and blood vessels. Recent research has shown CB1 and CB2 receptors present throughout this tissue. The anti-inflammatory effects can help with muscles, skin, and joints.

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