What's MixMe?

MixMe is a flavorless, water-soluble CBD. We use nanotechnology to make our product up to 800% more effective than CBD oil.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is also known as hemp extract.

What is the problem with traditional CBD oil?

Our body consists of nearly 70% water and everyone knowns oil and water don't naturally mix which makes it difficult for our body's to absorb the nutrients in the oil (CBD).

Our cell's receptors that absorb these nutrients are also very small compared to oil nutrients which increases difficulty.... the result is about 6-10% absorption of nutrients. 

What does the nanotechnology do?

It shrinks the size of every CBD molecule up to 200x before forming a water-soluble bubble around each molecule known as a nanoemulsion.


What is a nanoemulsion and how does it help?

This enhanced, CBD molecule is now the ideal size to bind to receptors and water-soluble so it can start instantly working in your body. 

Now your body can instantly absorb and utilize the nutrients rather than waiting 30-60 minutes. Research has shown that the result is about 800% higher bioavailability, or rate-of-absorption.