Why we struggle to absorb CBD oil nutrients

Why we struggle to absorb CBD oil nutrients

MixMe is water-soluble and can be added to any drink.

Bioavailability is a very important topic when discussing CBD. Bioavailability describes the percentage of a nutrient that you actually absorb and your body can use. 

Did you know that your body can only absorb about 6-11% of oil based nutrients like CBD oil? The rest is simply wasted. We’ll explain why that is and how a proprietary nanotechnology can increase this by up to 800%.


Why is CBD oil absorption rates so low?

  • Body composition
    • Your body and organs consist of nearly 70% water and oil and water don’t mix. That makes it difficult for the nutrient to penetrate cell-walls and enter circulation.
  • Molecule size
    • Under a microscope, CBD oil molecules are approximately 4,440 nanometers 
    • CBD receptors (known as CB1 and CB2) easily attach to small molecules (<100 nanometers)
  • Integrity
    • It is a sensitive molecule in its natural state that can be effected by temperature, pH, light, and air

This makes it hard for our body to absorb nutrients but advancements in bio-chemical science have shown that by modifying the molecule, we can significantly increase the body’s ability to absorb this nutrient. 

How does nanotechnology help?

MixMe uses proprietary nanotechnology to create nano-emulsified CBD which will maximize bioavailability. Nano CBD absorbs at a faster and higher rate for the following reasons:

  • Small molecule size
    • Our nanoemulsions are less than 50 nm so they can easily bind to receptors
  • True water-solubility
    • A nanoemulsion essentially creates a water-soluble bubble around each nano-molecule which allows it to instantly start absorbing
  • Emulsion protection
    • The “bubble” that is created around each molecule protects CBD from the external environment that we discussed earlier that can potentially damage it. This means the molecule maintains full integrity until it enters your body

How to consume nano-CBD

Since nano-hemp is water soluble, the best and most effective way to consume it is orally by adding it to your favorite drink.

Since the molecule size is actually smaller than your skin pores, you can apply it directly to your skin for targeted inflammation relief without any odor.

Nanoemulsions are water and lipid (oil) soluble which means it can absorb in practically anything… add it to whatever you can think of from drinks and food to your favorite topical cream to even things like candles and essential oils.


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