Why CBD drinks work better than oils, edibles, and topicals

Add CBD to drinks at home

Add CBD to drinks like coffee

If you shop online or in stores for CBD, you've probably realized that you can find just about every and any product infused with CBD. In general, CBD topicals are great for targeted pain, muscle, and joint relief while orally consumed CBD is better for general relief. 

What you may not have been aware of is.... the percentage of nutrients you absorb can be anywhere between 5% to 90%! I know that's a big number but the reason is simple and we'll tell you the simple reasons why and what you can do to make you get the best quality CBD that will work effectively. 


THE PROBLEM with oils, edibles and (most) topicals

The human body is about 60-70% and due to the basic relationship between oil and water, the CBD molecules struggle to absorb within our body and enter our circulation. This means that oil tincture droppers aren't as consistent and effective as commonly believed (~6-11% nutrients absorbed)

Most edibles and topicals are made with a powdered form of this CBD oil which would make them equally inefficient. Some topicals use modern science and technology to enhance their effectiveness (we'll go into more detail a little bit later)

Drinks - a more effective solution

In order to make oil-nutrients water soluble to absorb in drinks some sort of modern science and technology must be applied that will fundamentally increase how much CBD is absorbed. 

There are several different ways CBD can be enhanced to work with drinks and each process will vary in effectiveness. A few of the most common forms include: liposomal, emulsion, micro emulsion, and nanoemulsion. 

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What is the best and most effective form (technology)?

Nanoemulsions are the best and most effective CBD because they are water soluble and the smallest (particle size under a microscope). This helps make cell-wall penetration easier and allows the CBD to absorb faster and more thoroughly than the other methods.

Just think of 100 tiny ice cubes in a drink or 1 big ice cube... the smaller ice cubes are going to make you drink colder and faster because there is more surface area. 

To learn more about nanoemulsions, you can visit our education page

What to check for when buying CBD

  • What are the ingredients?
    • You would be surprised how many different ingredients can be found in your CBD. Some manufacturers use poor quality ingredients that can cause adverse effects (don't be afraid to google search these)
  • Where was the hemp grown?
    • USA grown hemp is an absolute must. If its sourced from an organically grown farm, that's even better! CAUTION: Due to federal policies, it is technically impossible to have a final product with CBD be certified organic so if you see this, it can be an early warning sign of false advertising.
  • Is it an oil or has it been enhanced for better absorption?
    • The best thing to look for is "nano-CBD/nano enhanced". If you cant find that the next best option is liposomal CBD but there is still a noticeable drop-off
  • Is it lab tested for purity and potency?
    • Always check the COA to see that your CBD is free of heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial. Make sure that you're buying what you're paying for and that the CBD is as potent as advertised. Most trustworthy brands have this available on their website footer.

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