Water Soluble Vs CBD Oil: What is the difference?

Water Soluble Vs CBD Oil: What is the difference?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is an extremely well-known cannabinoid because it has been linked to a wide range of benefits and is backed by an army of testimonials. It is extracted from the hemp plant which naturally makes it an oil-soluble supplement. This is why most people who are familiar with this natural remedy have tried an oil-based product like tinctures, creams, or capsules.

Everyone knows that oil and water don’t mix which naturally creates a problem when you consider that our body is mostly water! The term used to describe when the body absorbs a substance into circulation to reach a desired effect is bioavailability. This rate is extremely important because it determines the level of benefit you will experience.

Studies have shown that oil-based CBD generally has low bioavailability (6-11%) which is equivalent to paying for 10 bars of chocolate so you can enjoy 1 of them and throw the rest away.  This can make labels for oil products very misleading to most consumers.

Recent developments in drug-delivery technology has allowed scientists to be able to modify oil-soluble nutrients into a water-soluble solution in order to enhance bioavailability for drugs that have been traditionally hard to absorb. Multiple published research studies have shown that this can increase oral bioavailability up to 800% to bring expected absorption about 90%! The result is a faster-acting natural medicine that will provide more consistent relief.

CBD Oil vs Water Soluble CBD absorption

If it isn’t clear already…not all CBD is the same. That’s why we’re here to explain why the body struggles to absorb oil nutrients, the best form of water-soluble CBD (yes, there is more than one kind), and how these two work differently.

Why do we struggle to absorb CBD oil?

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a network of tiny receptors that absorbs and utilizes cannabinoids to try to bring the body to homeostasis. This system interacts with almost every part of the body including the brain, muscles, vascular system, and immune system. Since it's auto-regulatory, it will self-detect what isn’t “in balance” to provide the appropriate relief you need.

In order for your CBD supplement to do your body any good, it must obviously absorb it first.

CBD oil is a big molecule compared to your ECS receptors which is why once it enters your stomach, it’s too large to pass through the lining in your gut in order for it to enter circulation so it simply passes through the body. This phenomenon is known as the first-pass effect.  It is surprisingly common in medicinal science and the primary reason the body struggles to absorb a variety or natural and synthetic medicine. 

CBD Oil Absorption through cell wall  Nano CBD absorption through cell wall

It is recommended to keep oil droppers under your tongue for one minute before consumption to increase bioavailability because of this effect takes place. It's also why capsules and edibles are generally not the most effective remedy – they are typically made with a CBD oil, in a powder form. 

Fortunately, scientists have studied this and developed new drug-delivery techniques to overcome the first pass effect and increase bioavailability!



By combining the natural power of hemp with modern research, scientists have given the world water soluble CBD as a more effective alternative solution. The big question to ask is: how much more bioavailable? The answer depends on the on the technology and technique used.

As we mentioned earlier, there is more than one way to make water soluble CBD. The most effective method involves creating a delivery mechanism known as a “nanoemulsion” - the research has shown that it can help you absorb up to 8 times more CBD than traditional oil! We’ll explain these more a little later in this blog. Two of the other common methods are liposomal-delivery and micro-emulsion have shown to increase absorption by approximately 5-6 times.

MixMe scientists are using proprietary nanotechnology to form the fastest acting water soluble CBD on the market by creating powerful nanoemulsified CBD.

Since the body will absorb closer to 90% of CBD nutrients rather than just 10%, you are much more likely to benefit from the desired effect you’re looking for. Here is a chart that shows you what that looks like in terms of “number of mg absorbed by the body”

CBD Bioavailability comparison

Why should you care?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore to hear that water soluble CBD will work faster and more consistently than oil. And let’s be real here… CBD is not a cheap supplement so its important to find an effective product that works so your body gets what you pay for.

Although water-soluble CBD may look more expensive on a “per mg basis” on the shelf, as you saw above, it will provide you more bang for the buck when you consider what your body will retain and utilize!

Oh, and did we mention it’s more fun and versatile?  Since its water-soluble you can pretty much add it to ANYTHING and it will instantly absorb.

Want to infuse some baked treats? What about CBD with your cold brew coffee or latte? Smoothie? Kombucha? Sport drinks? Unlike oils which can’t absorb, water soluble CBD will instantly absorb and distribute evenly within whatever you add it to so let your imagination run free.

Watch this video to see how different forms of technology result in different a different end product.

Where can I get some to try? 

MixMe has made it easy for everyone to be able to access and try nano CBD by offering as little as 5 servings for just $18+ tax (free shipping) so you can feel the difference yourself.  

What is a nanoemulsion?

A nanoemulsion is an extremely advanced drug delivery mechanisms that involves shrinking the size of the oil molecule more than 100 times before encapsulating it in a water-soluble delivery vessel. Its like shooting the CBD molecule with a shrink gun and putting it in a Ferrari to delivery it to your circulation system.

CBD Nanoemulsion

The vessel is formed out of micelles (“my-cells”). A micelle has 2 major components: a hydro-philic head (water loving), and a hydrophobic tail (oil loving). The oil loving tails connect to the CBD molecule which leaves it with an outer layer that is water-soluble.

Micelle for CBD Nanoemulsion

Since these molecules are hundreds of times smaller than regular CBD oil and it is protected by this “water soluble bubble”, it is practically not effected by the first pass effect, hence the drastic difference in absorption rate. Here is a picture that represents the difference in size of CBD molecules.

CBD oil vs Nano CBD size comparison

In conclusion 

You’ve probably heard some people claim “I didn’t feel anything” and that’s been because of the traditionally low absorption rate of CBD oils.

Water Soluble CBD is enhanced to deliver more consistently and efficiently. The most effective option is known as “nanoemulsions” “nano CBD” “nanoemulsified CBD” or “water soluble CBD” from a trusted brand, like MixMe.

People who use to use CBD oil based products and began using water-soluble CBD, can typically notice the difference in as little as 10 minutes after their first dose.


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