MixMe CBD Pumps – easily add water-soluble CBD to any drink

CBD Pump for drinks

Water-soluble CBD for drinks

MixMe is trusted by small businesses and chains all over America to be their ingredient supplier whenever someone requests CBD in their drink. You can find our pumps offered in more than 150 cafe's and juice bars. Our nanotechnology is clear, flavorless, fast acting, and instantly absorbs and mixes in drinks!

Using standard tincture to add CBD to drinks can be slow and tedious so we made it better by making it fast and fun with a pump cap.! This makes adding hemp to your drink as easy as pressing a pump a few times instead of eye-balling a dosage. Each pump dispenses an accurate dose that is clearly labeled on the side of the bottle/box.

It makes it easier, faster, and more accurate to add CBD to whatever you want for personal, business, or even office use! 

Size Options

Our standard Pump Bottle will have 45 doses/servings. It comes in a 30ml blue glass bottle with a white pump and clear protective cap. Each stroke dispenses 2.5mg of CBD so you can add exactly however much you want. We recommend 10mg to be one standard dose.

The Mini Pump works exactly like the large one but it’s.... smaller! This bottle contains 15 doses in 10ml liquid volume. Each pump will dispense 2.25 mg so you can add just a little, or a lot! This bottle is affordable and can fit in your pocket, purse, backpack, etc. so you can take it anywhere.

Personal/ Home Use

  • Add it to your coffee - Leave a bottle next to your Nespresso, Keurig, or home coffee brewing machine. Add it to your cold brew, hot coffee, latte, cappuccino, matcha latte, etc.
  • Pre/post workout – Add it to your pre-workout mix or protein shake
  • Smoothie – add it with your favorite fruit mix for extra functionality and wellness
  • Food – add some CBD to your baking recipe for some functional yummy treats or and food
  • Bar – put it with your bar and offer CBD infused cocktail to WOW your family and friends
  • Topically – accurately apply CBD topically for direct inflammation relief (its odorless and absorbs very well transdermal)
  • Get creative (DIY) – MixMe is water and oil soluble so you can enhance any of your favorite products at home… 


  • Most efficient and easiest way for people to add it to drinks
  • Effortlessly ACCURATE dosage
  • Pumps feel more familiar because they’re similar to flavor syrup pumps but smaller.
  • MegaMix offers cost efficiency while MiniMix offers SKU with lower MSRP for retail


  • Leave it next to the coffee or snack station to help staff cope with external stress and anxiety so they can focus on work and brag about how their office is cooler than their friends.

To integrate custom CBD drinks in your business or for your employees, contact us at sales@mixmewellness.com or (818) 835-1224. You can also visit our website to learn more about CBD and our products. 

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