Faster acting CBD powered by nano-technology

Faster acting CBD powered by nano-technology


CBD with high absorption

In the world of wellness products, especially plant-derived wellness products, absorption rates are one of the most important things to learn about and consider. The most commonly used word to describe the percentage of nutrients your body absorbs is bioavailability.

Studies have shown that CBD oil absorption rates are typically very low, approximately 6-11%, which means you’re probably absorbing less than 1/10th of the CBD oil drops you consume. Products that are derived from hemp typically aren’t cheap which makes it that much more important to make sure you find a high-quality solution.

The good news is modern science has came a long way which is why MixMe uses nano-technology to enhance oral absorption up to 800% and make CBD fast acting and water soluble with products for everyone to enjoy!


How we make CBD faster

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant which naturally makes it an oil (just think about all of the other plant essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, etc. 

The human body is naturally between 60-70% water with some vital organs consisting of up to 90% water. The natural relationship between oil and water makes it difficult for CBD to penetrate our cell walls and enter our body’s circulation which leads to most of nutrients simply passing through the body because it couldn’t absorb.  

Typically CBD must process through your digestive tract before having a chance to absorb which can take upwards of 45-60 minutes. By using nano-technology to make CBD water soluble, it instantly starts penetrating cell walls to provide fast acting relief!

Most people who consume MixMe have reported that they start enjoying the benefits in as little as 5-10 minutes!




Its crucial that you pay attention to CBD bioavailability to help make sure you absorb the product fast and effectively. Don’t be afraid to ask about the technology and ingredients that may have potentially been used.


Try to avoid CBD oils and find a higher quality product that will work consistently for your body.

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