CBD supply for coffee shops (local and chain)

CBD supply for coffee shops (local and chain)

CBD for coffee shops

Finding CBD drinks at coffee shops is becoming very common and profitable for many business owners throughout  Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, Houston, Dallas, New York, San Fransisco, Denver, Minneapolis, and more...

Of course you can offer one of the hundreds of bottled drink brands in the refrigerator like Vybes or Recess but there are more and better ways to integrate CBD in your business. 

MixMe is currently work with more than 150 businesses to give customers the ability to ADD CBD TO ANY DRINK! This is important for 2 major reasons

  1. The customer: freedom the enjoy CBD with any drink instead of feeling limited to juice or seltzer brand.
  2. Business owner: This creates potential additional revenue with every drink you prepare and serve instead of just when someone wants a bottled drink. 


Why MixMe/What is MixMe?

MixMe is not your regular CBD oil. Watch a video of our product in action, and see for yourself. Our product is a high-quality, water soluble CBD that was enhanced with proprietary nanotechnology to safe in any drink. Some of the advantages our technology provides include:

  • Clear - so it won't effect the color of the drink
  • Flavorless - so it won't effect the taste of your coffee roast or drink
  • Self-mixing - designed to instantly absorb and spread through drinks
  • pH & Temperature resistance - to be safe in acidic, hot, and cold drinks

It is also up to 800% more bioavailable (absorbed by the body) than CBD oil which which results in customers enjoying the benefits more and faster. This will leave them happy with their add-on decision to entice them to order it again!

Barista friendly solutions

We have designed solutions with cafe owners and baristas in mind. In addition to the standard tincture bottle where a dose must be measured by the eye, we have also created a pump bottle (for precision and speed) as well as a single serving (convenience and control). 

CBD infusion drink pumpSingle Serving CBDSingle Serve water soluble CBD

Pumps: instead of using eye’s to slowly measure and add CBD from a dropper, the pump makes it as easy as stroking the pump 4 times which makes it as easy as adding a flavored syrup.

Single Servings: This is a single-use SKU that is designed to be sold as a retail item that allows people to add an accurate serving of CBD to their own drinks as their ordered or to take it home and use for later.

Maximizing Profitability

Offering CBD as an additive for any drink gives customers freedom which in this case creates the most potential revenue to be captured. Our current partners are selling anywhere between 2 and 30 infused drinks per day with an average of 7. With the average of 7 "upgrades" per day, your business can generate more than an additional $720 per month. Feel free to email our team at sales@mixmewellness.com for more information about pricing.

People who order this typically really love it which is why we also have created a mini pump to be sold as a more affordable retail item than the standard pump.

Additional Marketing Materials

MixMe is more than just a supplier of water-soluble CBD for your business. We want to work with you and provide marketing materials that help you increase sales and profits. This includes:

  • Educational 4x6 flyers - for consumers (so they don’t ask your barista questions)
  • POS sign – "add CBD/hemp to any drink"
  • Custom drink menu – we can help create and print a custom “CBD infused menu” 
    • Targeted Instagram ads - to locals that live around your business
    • More - We’re constantly working with businesses to create cool and unique ways to promote the offering.

    Our Experience

    MixMe is already working with more than 150 local and chain businesses so we’ve  been able to discover the most effective and efficient ways you can offer CBD drinks at your café/coffee shop. 

    So yeah, we know a thing or two about how to help you successfully integrate it into your business.


    How much does it cost to get started?

    We can help you integrate this into your business for less than $100 (inventory supply).



    Have any questions? Email sales@mixmewellness or call (818) 835 1224 and we'll get back to you in less than 24 hours!

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